• Anand, Ramesh

    Ramesh Anand

    Born 1980 in Tanjore, India
    Living in Bengaluru, India
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    Ramesh Anand resides in Bengaluru and works as a NPI Manager for Philips. His short forms have appeared in 16 countries and translated to 8 foreign languages. His latest awards are international first prize in 19th Mainichi and Magazine IRIS international haiku 2015 contests, and Akita Sakigake Shimpo President Award.

  • Asopa, Sanjuktaa

    Sanjuktaa Asopa

    Born in Kolkata, India
    Living in Belgaum, India
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  • Chaturvedi, Salil

    Salil ChaturvediSalil Chaturvedi

    Born 1968, India
    Currently residing in Goa, India

    Salil Chaturvedi took to haiku in 2007 and has turned into a haiku addict. It is a form that allows him to enter the stream which flows all around us, right here, right now. And the stream is addictive. He also writes short fiction and poetry that has appeared in various magazines and anthologies.


  • Kapoor, Vishnu

    VP Kapoor

    V. P. Kapoor

    Born 1941 in India
    Living in India
    First name Vishnu, a widower at present living in Chennai, India. Interests - Urdu ghazals, philosophy, appreciation of art ( painting ) & literature, and astrology. Composing Haiku since Feb 06 after a chance introduction to this genre of poetry in the Japanese stall at Delhi Book Fair.

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  • Krishnamurthy, Shrikaanth

    Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

    Born in Karnataka, India
    Living in Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • Maniyil, Jayashree

    JayashreeJayashree Maniyil

    Born 1971 in Bombay, India
    Living in Melbourne, Australia

  • Nagpal, Archana Kapoor

    Archana Kapoor Nagpal

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  • Ramesh, Kala

    Kala Ramesh

    Born in Chennai, India
    Living in Pune, India
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  • Shankar, Shloka

    Shloka Shankar

    Born 1989 in Bangalore, India
    Living in Bangalore, India

  • Tiwari, Paresh

    Paresh Tiwari

    Born 1982 in Lucknow, India
    Living in Hyderabad, India
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