Tomislav Maretić


winter wind –
by the swaying lamp
the street is moving

Four Seasons, Koko Kato, Haiku anthology 1991.


a child shakes
the first snow from the swing –
a quiet morning

Ito En, 1991

the camper's fire
noiselessly warming up
the pan of the moon

Ito En, Honourable Mention, 2001.

guests are coming –
are the petals to be swept
from the path?

Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2006.

the moon now this
now that side of the train –
blossoms everywhere

Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2006


private property
white lilac over
the high wall

Frogpond, Volume 31, Number 3, Fall, 2008.


cherry blossoms—
our moonlit walk
becomes longer

Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, 2008.


hazy moon –
a nightingale in the canyon
competes with its echo

Samobor Haiku Meeting, Miscellany 2003.

a plane tree –
every leaf falling
in its own way

The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 3: September, 2012.

mountain path—
a wood grouse in love
won't let us pass

The Heron's Nest, Volume XV, Number 1: March, 2013.

the sweat cooling
under my straw hat—
waterfall breeze

The Heron's Nest, Volume XV, Number 1: March, 2013.


brilliant moon —
sharp shadows of lemons
on the stone steps

The Heron's Nest, Volume XIII, Number 4: December, 2011


invisible bugs drawing
the bat’s flight

Frogpond, Volume 33, Number 1, Winter, 2010

green valley—
the brook brings blossoms
from a distant hill

Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2010


the rocking chair –
a young pregnant woman
swings her big belly

Grand Prize, The Second Annual Vladimir Devidé, 2012.

first raindrops –
the fragrance
of dust

First place, Shiki kukai, Free Format Theme, May 2013.