Rita Odeh

winter twilight –
another wave explodes
in the gull's voice

Notes from the Gean, April 2013 


turquoise sky –
the sunflower turns
towards dawn

The 107th WHA Haiga Contest , March 2013 


bedroom mirror –
the coldness of that dangling
single breast

Third prize, Sharpening the Green Pencil, April 2013 


distant gunfire –
ivy leaves creep along
the old ruins

Daily Haiga, April 2013  
World Haiku Anthology: A Vast Sky, 2013


the parallel lines
of the railroad tracks-
missing you

LYNX, xxv111:2, June 2012 


wailing wall –
the priest leans against
his own shadow

Notes from the Gean 17, March 2013  
World Haiku Anthology: A Vast Sky, 2013 


cricket song . . .
the full moon with
a gray halo




behind the door,

another door . . .

winter solitude

Multiverses1.1-Haiku , 2013 


cloudy morning –

a kite flies higher

than its string

Daily Haiku(May 12,2008)


distant gunfire –

the flying geese

get louder

Haiku News,Vol. 2 No. 8,18 Februray 2013 


a fly

in the spider’s web –

refugee tent

Haiku News,Vol. 2 No. 5 ,January 28th, 2013 


being at one

with my mirror reflection . . .

50th birthday

Honorable Mention, 16th Mainichi Haiku Contest (2012) 


peace talk –
the third crow

of a rooster
Daily Haiku(August 04, 2008)
 Haiku News, Vol. 1 No. 41(October 22nd, 2012) 


checkpoint at dawn –

workers and sparrows

lined up in the terminal

The Heron’s Nest, Volume XIV, Number 3 ( September, 2012) 


back to sleep,

dreaming of the same

small grape

Simply Haiku 10:1, Summer 2012 


dispersing fog –

a tiny tongue rings

the old bell

Simply Haiku 10:1, Summer 2012 


a butterfly

becomes the tree's


Simply Haiku 10:1, Summer 2012 


digging holes
in the sand, the crab
and i

Simply Haiku 10:1, Summer 2012 


spring breeze –

a torn kite flows

with the river

Notes from the Gean 4:1, June 2012 


harbor breeze –

a white handkerchief

floats in the air

Paper Wasp 18, (2) 2012 


cloudy morning –

a kite flies higher
than its string


Daily Haiku(May 12,2008)
tinywords, April 13, 2007
The Haiku Society of America,2012 Members’ Anthology  


waning moon –

on her mourning dress,

a white pacifier

Daily Haiku(August 05, 2008)


cherry blossoms . . .
a child asks
if they are real

Sakura Award Winner, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2008)


crowded park –

a couple hugs

in my shadow

Daily Haiku(August 08, 2008)


refugee camp –

sculpting the tree trunk

into a cross

Simply Haiku(Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2)


borders –

sparrows fly above

the rusty barbwire

Simply Haiku(Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2)


Camp –

she asks her father

"What is a refugee?"

Daily Haiku(June 23,2008)


autumn morning –

strutting behind his shadow

the old turkey

 First Place, Shiki Monthly Kukai Kigo Section (November 2007) 


that full moon –
a coin falls into
the beggar's palm

Daily Haiku (May 15,2008) 


winter solitude –
only a sparrow
to share my meal

tinywords (2007-02-16) 


after a
long night . . .
the morning glory

Daily Haiku (September 15, 2008)


by the river . . .
my rough dream drifts
towards the sea

Daily Haiku (May 14,2008) 


a rainy night –
even without sandals
the clouds jog

World Kigo Database, 2006


sparrows . . .
behind the hill singing
of lost identity 




Romeo and Juliet-

the seat next to me

remains vacant

Daily Haiku(August 03, 2008) 


autumn storm –

the old pine inclines

towards dawn

Kernels, first issue ,Spring 2013 


an ant eater digs

his tongue into a bunker . . .

war attack

Kernels, first issue ,Spring 2013 


deepening dusk –

he keeps counting

the tents

Haiku News,Vol. 2 No. 16, May 6th, 2013 


high noon –

chasing a butterfly

among ruins

Notes from the Gean monthly haiku journal, May 2013


river hut –

birdsongs rise from

the willow

Asahi, May 3,2013


checkpoint at dawn –

the field of sunflowers

facing darkness

Notes from the Gean monthly haiku journal, July 2013


swept along

to the elephant's shadow . . .

willow leaves

Third Place, May 2013, International Kukai No.14 


homeless . . .

a bee drifts asleep

on a poppy 

A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013  


divorce hearing –

nothing on the surface

but a duck's butt 

A Hundred Gourds 2:3 June 2013  


distant sun –

falling into a wren’s

fading song

Daily Haiga,4 June 2013 


dawn stillness . . .

a bluebird reappears near

the ancient walls

7th place, April 2013, International Kukai


distant explosion –

the quick click of her

knitting needles

Fifth Place,January 2011,Shiki Kukai 


fallen petals . . .

drops of wetness gleam

on the stalk

First Place, Caribbean Kigo Kukai, CKK #43, June 2013


moonless sky –

military raincoats hung

on a bamboo fence

First Place, Caribbean Kigo Kukai: CKK #44,July 2013 


homeless child –

painting a cherry tree

on the bomber

Honorable Mention, Sakura Awards 2013 


war talk –

the two roosters eye

each other

First Place, Shiki Monthly Kukai Kigo Section (July 2012)