Barnabas AdelekeBarnabas Ìkéolúwa Adélékè

Born 1990 in Okuku, Osun State, Nigeria
Living in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Apart from writing haiku, Barnabas is an artist who majors in realism. He hopes to be one of Africa’s best hyperrealists in the nearest future and a renowned haiku poet. He is currently studying to bag a degree from a Nigerian University.


Ibadan *
the horizon takes rest
on rusty roofs

*Nigeria's largest city
Cattails, January 2016 Edition


one by one, leaves
desert a tree

Heron's Nest, Volume XVIII, Number 1: March 2016


midday shower
a cow's hoofprint quenches
the dove's thirst

Editor's Choice Haiku, Cattails, May 2016 Edition


after the muezzin's call
a market din turns off
shed by shed

Heron's Nest, Volume XVIII, Number 2: June 2016


harvest home
an ant carries the last

Cattails, May 2015 Issue


earth tremor
the beats from my neighbhour's 
woofer in my chest

A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015


river ripples
the man I am keeps
staring at me

A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015


a cock's crow drowns out
a cock's crow

Cattails, September 2015 Issue


summer clouds
a wayfarer's shadow 
resumes its journey

Cattails, September 2015 Issue


rock shelter
a shepherd's song 
sings back to him

Heron's Nest, December 2015 Issue


cotton harvest
a farmhand's toddler picks
a green mamba

Acorn, October 2015 Issue


summer drought
a farmhand's sweat
wets the sod

Editor's Choice, Cattails, May 2015 Issue


my long shadow...
the rising sun

Akitsu Quarterly, 2015 Winter Issue


I drift into 
a thrush's song

Akitsu Quarterly, 2015 Winter Issue


harmattan fire
I share my hut with
a squirrel

African Haiku Network, January 2016