Priscilla Lignori


along the river
students set up their easels
the scent of wild grape

2015 Tokutomi Memorial Contest
Second Place


Passing the gold thread  
through the needle's eye, spring sun
enters the closed blinds

Basho Festival Contest Certificate
October 2015


arm of the cross —
temporary resting place
for the wandering crow

World Haiku Review, Summer 2015
First Place - Vanguard Haiku


A winter bonus-—
two extra grandchildren at
the dinner table...

Asahi Haikuist Network
December 18, 2015


They'll never fit me  
but I still hold on to them —
mother's wool slippers

Ko Magazine
Autumn-Winter 2015

As the sun beats down
a great murmur from the lake
from the melting ice

Asahi Haikuist Network   
March 06, 2015


after the snowstorm
not a bird in sight and still  
sound of the crow’s call

World Haiku 2015
(Ban'ya Natsuishi's anthology)


Crimson dragonfly —
alights on the fishing pole
of the dozing man
Ko Magazine
Autumn-Winter 2015

Slipping a green stone
inside my empty pocket
turns my luck around

The Mainichi
July 21, 2015


Always wandering —
my cat inside the kitchen
outside, autumn leaves

Ko Magazine
Autumn-Winter 2015


forsythia buds —
countless golden beginnings
on a single branch

World Haiku Review  
Summer 2015


As the sun goes round
migrants traverse the desert
of the human heart

Asahi Haikuist Network
September 18, 2015


The tiger lily--
once it opens its mouth
has at least six tongues

The Mainichi
October 8, 2015


the path turns to mud —
great hope of catching a glimpse
of the waking frogs

World Haiku Review, Summer, 2015
Honorable Mention


Vernal equinox —
the darker moments erased
from our memories...

Asahi Haikuist Network   
March 20, 2015


Quietly we wait  
on a rock inside the woods  
for the frogs to call

Ko Magazine
Spring-Summer 2015


a hike in the woods —
the walking stick can’t save me  
from the mosquitoes

World Haiku 2015
(Ban'ya Natsuichi's anthology)


The closer I get
to the yellow tulips
the lonelier I am

Ko Magazine
Spring-Summer 2015


The tide's coming in
and children's glee gets louder —
sunset in Cape Cod

Asahi Haikuist Network
August 7, 2015


Stretching their long necks —
wild turkeys as they climb up
a steep embankment

Ko Magazine
Spring-Summer 2015


they rise to the occasion   
potted sunflowers

World Haiku 2015
(Ban'ya Natsuichi's anthology)


Missing the spruce tree
that stood between the others —
dusk on Father's Day

Ko Magazine
Spring-Summer 2015


Birds have taken leave
and the wind keeps blowing leaves
every which way

Asahi Haikuist Network
November 6, 2015


Inside the clear pond
along with dozens of leaves
the clouds have fallen

Ko Magazine
Autumn-Winter 2015

Subway to Brooklyn—
returning once again to
the place of my birth

Asahi Haikuist Network   
January 16, 2015

The burial done
waiting on the car windshield
white apple blossoms

Honorable Mention
2014 Tokutomi Memorial Contest


Nothing's what it seems
in the world of men — I turn
to the summer moon

World Haiku Review, August 2014
Second Place, Shintai


Summer reverie —
a sailboat travels through stars
scattered on the sea

World Haiku Review, August 2014
Honorable Mention

An afternoon nap
cicada in the background
slips into my dream

Ko Magazine
Spring/Summer 2014


Bloomed magnolia tree
a man lifts his daughter up
to smell a blossom

World Haiku Review, April 2014
Honorable Mention


On the cutting board—
chopping scallions and garlic
and all my worries

Ko Magazine
Spring/Summer 2014


In the midst of war the wind blows
wildflower seeds
across the border

World Haiku Review, August 2014
Honorable Mention


Waking to the song
of the white-throated sparrow—
holy week begins

The Mainichi
June 5, 2014


April shower
recounting the morning's dreams
under the covers

World Haiku Review
April 2014


Atop village trees
the blackbirds are whispering—
walk on Good Friday

Asahi Haikuist Network
May 16, 2014


Pondering their fate
in the time of fireflies—
the war in Gaza

World Haiku Review
August 2014


Private property
leaves from the leaning oak tree
are now trespassing

World Haiku 2014
(Ban'ya Natsuishi anthology)


I’m out of the woods—
searching for the spider web
that clings to my skin

Ko Magazine
Autumn-Winter 2014


I cannot read one
without thinking of Shiki—
persimmon haiku

Asahi Haikuist Network
October 31, 2014


A winter morning—
chanting and a tea kettle
whistling out of tune

Ko Magazine
Autumn/Winter 2014


Peeling potatoes
the cat rolls on his backside
and lets out a yawn

Asahi Haikuist Network
October 17, 2014


The great blue heron
waits until the canoe's closer
to fly far away

The Mainichi
November 27, 2014


Expecting a frost-—
the dahlias are now sitting
in the living room

Asahi Haikuist Network
December 5, 2014


A cold winter rain
sizzling in the frying pan
sweet potato fries

The Mainichi
March 26, 2014


So full of itself
the winter moon spills on all
the slippery roads

World Haiku Review
January 2014


Bleached by the sunlight 

though its roots are in the dark 

wheat turns into gold


Basho Festival Contest, October 2013 
First Place  


Restless as the wind 

the shirt hanging on the line

by a mere clothespin


World Haiku Review August 2010 


Stuck inside itself 

until it’s cut open—

the watermelon


World Haiku Review August 2010


So soft to the touch

but harder than my own bones—

the weathered beach stone


The Mainichi Contest 2011 Honorable Mention 


A spider and I

come out from under the weight

of the paperwork


World Haiku Review August 2010 


Once it gets started 

steam from the boiling water 

joins the fresh spring air 


World Haiku Festival 2010 in Nagasaki 
First Place: Us Fleet Activity Sasebo Commander Award
Haiku Competition: General Category


Mid-winter break—

vultures gather on the roof 

of old college building


The Mainichi March 18, 2013


On a winter hike

trailing behind unnoticed -

everyone’s shadow


World Haiku Review January 2011


The moon disappears—

singing the sun into being

cardinal at dawn 


Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts 
Vol 1 No. 2  August 2013


The girl on a swing 

touches the cloudless blue sky 

with her bare feet


The Mainichi  June 12, 2013


Shaking their rattles 

cicada calls come and go 

with the summer breeze 


World Haiku Review August 2013  


Under the sun’s gaze—

I doze on the green hammock

all wrapped up in knots


World Haiku Review August 2013 


On kitchen table

a small handful of acorns—

granddaughter visit

Asahi Haikuist Network July 19, 2013


As the stream narrows  

inside the snowy forest—

the stones take over

Ko Magazine Autumn/Winter 2013


Spring sun at my desk

illuminates the dark print 

of the newspaper

World Haiku Review, April 2012
Third Place, Neo-Classical


It has climbed so high

that it can never get down—

the moonflower vine

World Haiku 2013 (Ban'ya Natsuichi's anthology)


Holding onto dreams—

glass paperweight with tiny 

hand-painted flowers

Ko Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 


Summer at grandma's—

music box in the attic 

plays "Edelweiss" 

The Mainichi September 5, 2012


Pulling himself up

onto a log, turtle wastes

another warm day

Ko Magazine Spring/Summer 2013


A gust of spring wind 

ruffles the distinguished crest

of the cardinal

World Haiku Review April 2013 


News of the break-up—

a split pomegranate bleeds 

on the cutting board 

World Haiku Review December 2012 


A winter evening—

lid on the simmering stew 

shakes once in a while 

Ko Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011


Caressed by the wind—

leaves of the sycamore tree

and the children’s hair

Asahi Haikuist Network  August 30, 2013


Early winter rain— 

playing solitaire with 

the cat on my lap

World Haiku Review December 2012  


Waking up at dawn—

the year's first sunrise and I 

stretch by the window 


Asahi Haikuist Network Jan 20, 2012


Born in still water–

a frog rests on the surface

of a restless world


World Haiku Review, April 2013
2nd Place, Neo Classical


On a spring evening

losing all of its edges

the stone church steeple


Ko Magazine Spring/Summer 2011
Basho Festival Certificate Contest 2011


Between the gravestones

where the lawnmower can't reach–

purple irises


World Haiku Review August 2011


For one long moment

before it crashes, the kite

dances with the wind


Ko Magazine Spring/Summer 2011


Left out in the rain

it is now filled up–teacup

near the petunias


Asahi Hakuist Network May 31, 2013


With the world at rest

the firefly becomes busy

lighting the darkness


World Haiku Review
August 2011


A small ladybug

escorted into the night

on my husband's thumb


World Haiku Review August 2012
Third Place, Shintai


Summer supermoon–

horses run at full gallop

inside the fenced field


The Mainichi August 30, 2013


Summer day visit–

so cold the marble stone

on my father’s grave


World Haiku Review August 2010


Yesterday’s paper

inside the wood-burning stove–

an evening at home


World Haiku Festival 2010 in Nagasaki Haiku Competition: General Category


On Veteran's Day

leaves and the flag are alike

to the blowing wind


World Haiku Review  December 2011
First Place, Vanguard Haiku


Where the cornstalks were–

a hundred crows have landed

nodding their dark heads


World Haiku 2013 (Ban'ya's yearly anthology)


Chanting a sutra

from the corner of my eye

the silence of snow


Basho Festival Certificate Contest 2012


Owl in the village

hoots as we sort photographs

reviewing the year


Asahi Hakuist Network Jan 6. 2012


Deep conversation

and not a single word said–

sparrows in winter


World Haiku Review December 2011