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Please add these words to your submission if you wish your works to be held under a Creative Commons CC4.0 copyright.
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Miscellaneous Information:

Submission Guidelines

The Living Haiku Anthology welcomes contributions of previously published haiku for inclusion in its database-driven website.  Each poet's contributions will be placed in a portfolio that may contain up to one hundred poems.  All contributions must cite the place and date of first publication whether that be print or online poetry edited journal, a previously published print or digital poetry book or a haiku contest prize-winner. If the poet is self-published, without prior credits and/or contest awards, the haiku submission will be given to an LHA editor for study and possible acceptance. Acceptance is not automatic.

All haiku accepted into the anthology will become part of an online archive of haiku that may be readily searchable by keyword or author.  It is envisaged that the anthology will be a readily accessible repository of a wide range of haiku by a wide range of authors that may be out of print and not otherwise easily obtainable.