• Don BairdDon Baird

    Born 1947 in Denver Colorado, USA
    Living in Palmdale, California, USA
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  • Margaret ChulaMargaret Chula

    Born 1947 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
    Living in Portland, Oregon USA
    Contact the poet at: http://www.margaretchula.com

  • Michael Flanagan

    Born 1947 in the USA
    Currently live in Minnesota, USA
    Michael Flanagan lives in Minnesota with Donna, his wife and life partner for over 50 years. He fly fishes with no great skill but believes that fly fishing and Haiku have added years to his life.


  • Lorin Ford

    Born 1947 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Living in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
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  • S.M. Kozubek

    Born 1947 in Evanston Illinois, USA
    Living in Sarasota, Florida, USA

    After retiring from practicing law, S. M. Kozubek devotes more time to writing haiku and other poetry, plays, flash fiction and other works. He also leads writing workshops. His poems have appeared in ICON, Journal of Modern Poetry, Frogpond, Mayfly, is/let, A Hundred Gourds, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, Skylark, Prune Juice, Red Moon Anthology, failed haiku, hedgerow, Sonic Boom and other publications.


  • Gregory LongeneckerGregory Longenecker

    Born1947 in Hollywood, California, USA
    Living in Pasadena, California USA
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  • Alexis Rotella

    Born 1947 in Johnstown Pennsylvania, USA
    Living in Arnold, Maryland, USA
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