• Babusci, Pamela A.

    Pamela A. Babusci

    Born1950 in Rochester, New York, USA
    Living in Rochester, New York, USA
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  • Chocilowska, Marta

    Marta ChocilowskaMarta Chocilowska

    Born: 1950 in Warsaw, Poland
    Living in: Warsaw, Poland
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    Website: http://www.majorkowo.blogspot.com/

    Marta Chocilowska is a retired economist, fan of cats, music, poetry and cycling. In 2013 she joined the Warsaw Haiku School - KUZU. Marta is also a founding member and a Treasurer of the Polish Haiku Association, established in February, 2016.

  • Cox, Gillena

    Gillena Cox

    Born 1950 in St. Georges Grenada
    Living in St. James, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

  • Freiling, Mike

    Mike FreilingMike Freiling

    Born: 1950, San Francisco, CA
    Living in: Kyoto, Japan and Vancouver, WA

    Website: www.shimenawa.org
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    Bio: Mike was a co-founder of MIT’s literary magazine Rune (1976), and a Henry Luce Scholar at Kyoto University (1977). In addition to haiku, Mike translates both classical and contemporary Japanese poetry, and writes on topics including contemporary life, culture, economics, and the search for Transcendence.


  • van Zutphen, Ted

    Ted van Zutphen

    Born 1950 in Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Living in a mobile home travelling USA
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