• Marie Derley

    Born 1961 in Belgium
    Living in Belgium

    Marie Derley is a Belgian poet and painter, graduate in art history. She works in a glass tower in Brussels, and has recently published a volume of haikus: “En souriant” (Smiling in French), Ed. Renée Clairon. She appears regularly in many reviews, mostly in French, and 3 anthologies.


  • Radka Mindova

    Born 1961 in Bulgaria
    Living in Sliven, Bulgaria
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  • Morisu RanMorisu Ran (森須蘭)

    Born 1961 in Tokyo, Japan

    Graduated from Ferris Women’s Junior College (now Ferris Women’s University). She began writing haiku during her days at Ferris, and joined the MHA in 1993. Within the MHA, she worked as a committee member of the Youth Department, the Study Department, the Junior Study Department, and the Information Technology Department. Today, she works as a committee member of the Yearbook Department, and is the Executive Director of the Tokyo Chapter of the MHA. She is also a judge of the “ITO-EN Ôi Ocha New Haiku Contest.” She has led her journal-group Dionysian [Saien] since 2000. Her major haiku collections include, Only to See You [Kimi ni au tame] (2000), and The Sky Ship [Sorafune] (2010). She has also published educational books, such as Memorizing 100 Haiku to become a Master (2009).

    Translations into English by Richard Gilbert & Ito Yuki (Gendaihaiku, 2014)


  • Diana Petkova

    Born 1961 in Dolna banya, Bulgaria
    Living in Dolna banya, Bulgaria
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  • Ernest WitErnest Wit

    Born: 1961, Poland
    Resides: Poland
    Blog: http://withaiku.blogspot.com

    Ernest Wit is an award-winning Polish author whose work appears regularly in the best English-language haiku magazines and anthologies around the world.

    Books Published:
    Bitter Wind (Kontekst Publishing House, Poznan, 2015);
    Black and White (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA, 2016).