• Lindquist, Kristen

    Kristen LindquistKristen Lindquist

    b. 1967, United States
    Camden, Maine

    Kristen Lindquist is a writer and naturalist living on the coast of Maine.


  • Murphy, Tim

    Tim MurphyTim Murphy

    Born 1967 in Cork, Ireland
    Living in Madrid, Spain
    Bio: Tim Murphy has been writing haiku since 2017. His reviews of haiku collections appear regularly in the journal, Presence.


  • Santiago, Ernesto P.

    Ernesto P. SantiagoErnesto P. Santiago

    Born 1967 in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
    Living in Athens, Greece 
    Ernesto P. Santiago says "He is too small for his ego. He is enough for himself." He lives in Athens, Greece, where he continues to explore the poetic myth of his senses, and has recently become interested in the study of haiku and its related forms.

  • Timmer, Corine

    Corine TimmerCorine Timmer

    Corine Timmer (a Dutch national) was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1967. Her father’s job took the family to various places around the world. Wherever they went nature was a constant comfort and inspiration to Corine. She studied Business and Interior Design and was active in the design world until an encounter on a dusty road in southwest Spain in 2014 between Corine, a baby boar, and an abandoned hunting dog inspired her to write and self-publish a children’s storybook. Along her journey she stumbled upon haiku online and has been hooked ever since. She currently resides in the countryside in the south of Portugal and writes full time.