• Bröker, Ralf

    Ralf Bröker

    Born 1968 in Ochtrup, NRW, Germany
    Living in Ochtrup, NRW, Germany

  • Chaturvedi, Salil

    Salil ChaturvediSalil Chaturvedi

    Born 1968, India
    Currently residing in Goa, India
    Website/blog: http://salilchaturvedi.blogspot.in

    Salil Chaturvedi took to haiku in 2007 and has turned into a haiku addict. It is a form that allows him to enter the stream which flows all around us, right here, right now. And the stream is addictive. He also writes short fiction and poetry that has appeared in various magazines and anthologies.


  • Jones, Colin Stewart

    Colin Stewart JonesColin Stewart Jones

    Born 1968 in Manchester, England
    Lives in Dingwall, Scotland

    Colin does not regard himself as an academic but rather an autodidact who is talented in transforming what he has found, or found out. In a past life, he was the editor in chief of Gean Tree Press which produced Notes from the Gean:haiku journal and many books on haiku.


  • Pavlinović, Dejan

    Dejan Pavlinović

    Born 1968 in Pula, Croatia
    Living in Pula, Croatia