• Damir DamirDamir Damir

    Born: 1977 in Kotor, Yugoslavia
    Resides: Belgrade, Serbia

    Damir Janjalija (aka Damir Damir) was born on November 6, 1977 in today’s non-existent Yugoslavia. A sailor by profession, a poet by vocation, and a dharma bum by choice. His poems have been published in many significant contemporary haiku journals and anthologies, both in the country and abroad. He is the winner of several international haiku awards.
    Books Published: Imprints of Dreams (Udruženje građana Trablmejker, 2012), Freedom in the Mist (Odličan Hrčak, 2013), Filigree Memories (Književna radionica Rašić, 2017).
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  • Elmedin Kadric

    Born 1990 in Novi Pazar, Serbia
    Living in Helsingborg, Sweden
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  • Tatjana Stefanović

    Born 1960 in Belgrade, Serbia
    Living in Belgrade, Serbia

    Tatjana Stefanović is a lawyer by profession. She writes fairy-tales, haiku, and poetry (modern and for children). Her haiku have won a good number of awards and have been included in a number of collections and journals, in her country and abroad. Tatjana is a member of the United Haiku and Tanka Society (USA).

  • Saša Važić

    Born 1952 in Belgrade, Serbia
    Living in Belgrade, Serbia

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  • Verica Zivkovic

    Born 1957
    Lived in Starcevo, Serbia
    Died December 10, 2014