Carole Harrison


war memorial -

the silence in a hand



First place.  10th International Kukai  2012.


manchego -

even the name tastes

of Spain


heron's flight -

the stillness of cows

into the wind


this river

snaking through my dreams -

moored shadows


Contemporary World Haiku Anthology  2013


orange sky  . . .

the taste of summer peeling

back the day


Notes from the Gean. July 2013


heat wave -

doves dip in each other's



Second place.  "Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai".  September 2013


an empty glass -

so much time after

the funeral


shorter now . . . .

timid light heartened by

a magpie chortle


murrumbidgee -

a submerged log letting go

of the morning


Blog ..."I Quote, You Ku" by Kirsten Cliff. July 2013


tearing winds -

her wings impaled

on my dreams


war zone our eyes on the same star


Paper Wasp.  Winter 2013