Mark E. Brager

Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Living in Columbia, Maryland, USA


sipping tea . . .

the madness

of spring


haijinx IV:1


swimming lesson

my son floating away

from me


haijinx IV:1


temple bell

before and after



Haiku Pix Review #3


on the wire

between the blackbirds

more blackbirds


Haiku Pix Review #3


watching the deer

watch my morning train

pass by


The Heron’s Nest Volume XIII, Number 4



into the morning fog

into myself


Simply Haiku Vol. 9, No.2



in delicate balance

milk thistle


Simply Haiku Vol. 9, No.2



the firewood

the fire


Haiku Pix Review #4


cloudburst the mime’s empty box


Prune Juice 7


the farmer’s old scythe

          a harvest

                    of rust

DailyHaiku Cycle 12


one face

then the other . . .

falling leaf

DailyHaiku Cycle 12


sweeping the threshold

door open

to the horizon


Modern Haiku 43.2



turning on

the reality show


Modern Haiku 43.3


all-day rain

deep in the old guitar

the blues


Acorn #29


scattered seeds this empty bird cage inside me


The Heron’s Nest Volume XV, Number 1