Pamela Cooper

Pamela Cooper


arriving late-

the others’ footprints



Close to the Wind, HNA Anthology 2013


twilight moon-

a hole in the chestnut

fills with stars


HC Members’ Anthology 2013


late harvest-

picking apples

from the tree’s shadow


Matrix Magazine issue 88: Zen Poetry


hanami picnic-

more blossoms

than sky


Best in Canada VCBF Haiku Invitational 2011


behind tall cornfields

the autumn sun

how soon it sets!


Honourable Mention Mainichi 2009


grapefruit harvest-

the morning sun

left dangling


Honourable Mention Betty Drevniok Award 2012


a raindrop strikes

the bell’s reflection-

surface ripples


ocean floor-

a stingray lifts

the turtle’s shadow



Pink Lake-

a leaf falls into

the colour of dawn


Regional Haiku, HNA 2013


hanging laundry-

my shadow

blows away


Holographic Anthology, Haiku Canada 2013



in the blown out tire

a piece of sky


still pond-

the touch

of a feather’s shadow


nobody home…

on the front porch

fallen maple keys


a branch quivers

in this summer heat-

distant birdsong



migrating geese-

from which cloud

this stray snowflake?