Born 1969 in Vratsa, Bulgaria
Living in Marietta, Georgia, USA

Tzetzka Ilieva


first poem –
not in a language
mother speaks

Asahi Shimbun, November 2, 2012



spring dawn
the outline of a hawk
leaves the maple

Notes from the Gean, #13, June 2012



gardenia breeze...
somewhere in the dark
a child counts

The Heron's Nest, December 2012



did I tell you
more than you could bear?
winter hyacinth

 World Haiku Review, December 2012



a ripening tomato
in the palm of Buddha...
almost sundown

 A Hundred Gourds,2:4, September 2013



falling on the suitcase
falling on me

 World Haiku Review, December 2012



new moon –
my son masters the knot
of his white belt

 part of a haiga, artwork by Kuniharu Shimizu,  See Haiku Here, January 18, 2012



starry night...
the school custodian carries the flag
on his shoulders

Acorn #28, Spring 2012



a glimpse of the moon
before the thunder comes –
Buddha's birthday

 The Mainichi Daily, August 10, 2013



summer solstice –
rain drops dilute
my father's grappa

 A Hundred Gourds, 1:4, September 2012