Sanjuktaa Asopa

Born in Kolkata, India
Living in Belgaum, India
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dawnlight –
a strand of saffron releasing
the yellow

Frogpond, 35.2, 2012


rocking chair
back and forth between
now and then

Frogpond, 34.3, 2011


spring shadows –
new razor
for the teenaged son

The Herons Nest, June 2011


what remains
of this twilight
orange blossoms

The Herons Nest, Autumn, 2012


mountain pass
weaving in and out
of a hawk's cry

1st place,15th International kukai, June, 2013


the hush beyond the gunfire olive blossoms

1st place, 9th international kukai ,December 2012




riverbank –
dipping my toes
in winter clouds 

2nd place, Sketchbook kukai, November-December, 2010


to sleepless nights...
hare on the moon

A Hundred Gourds, issue 1.2, March 2012


black water pond
how deep
the crow's eyes

A Hundred Gourds, issue 1.4, 2012


not wished upon –
now that the dandelion...

Things with wings, June 2012


how it must be...
cherry blossom rain

Things with wings, June 2012


dry well
I haul up a bucket
filled with summer

Tinywords, September, 2013


blue dusk –
she lifts her veil a little
to view the moon

With cherries on top, 2012



whether to leave or linger-

day moon


2nd place, Shiki kukai, June 2012 


turmeric moon...

on every page of Ma's cookbook

a smear of gold