Brent Goodman

Brent Goodman


A-minor chord

my hand shaped

to draw water


Modern Haiku (44:3)


monarch chrysalis

the golden zipper

where my mouth was


Modern Haiku (44:3)


dustbathing crow

flying deeper

into the drought


Shamrock #26


beachfront underpass –

the concrete tunnel

winged with mayflies


Shamrock  #26


moist mouse nest

upturned with the plow

pink moon


Shamrock #26


still holding

the heat of the day

wild raspberries


Cattails #1 Dec 2013


Geiger counter

still singing to the radishes –

Fukushima Day


Frogpond 36:3


koi mouths

breaching the surface

the sky inside us


Frogpond 36:3


yellow onions

caramelize for soup –

august twilight


Bottle Rockets #30


roadside motel –

a row of indigo hydrangeas

sleeping in


Bottle Rockets #30


no wind

for that cloud to leave

my summer window


Bottle Rockets #30



the copper mine ruins

light green lichen


Bottle Rockets #31


rain flower agate . . .

      miles up river

a mother gives birth


A Hundred Gourds 3.1


farmer’s market rain

we seek shelter

with the radishes


Mineral Point Anthology 2013


across the river

the other side

of my family


Heron’s Nest Dec 2013