Merrill Ann Gonzales

Born in Queens, New York, USA
Living in Dayville, Connecticut, USA

Merrill Ann Gonzales


blood red shoots emerge –

my grandmother’s peonies

at my mother’s door


Mayfly 21 (April 1996)


autumn equinox –

the flowers on my porch

hang upside down


Modern Haiku 35:1 (winter-spring 2004)


between boot tracks

in a bed of pine needles –

lady slippers


Woodnotes 28 (spring 1996)


cicadas –

my strength flows

into the day’s heat


The Heron’s Nest 8:4 (December 2006)


holding dusk

in shadows behind the shed

white pheasant eyes


Frogpond 23:3 (2000)


I rake dried leaves

from my garden path –

the smell of mint


Dandelion Clocks (HSA Members’ Anthology 2009)


I wade in the brook

that he loved to paint –

pull of the current


Frogpond 36:2 (2003)


in the turtle’s ear

the silent plush

of the kayak’s paddle


Robert Spiess Modern Haiku 34:1 (winter-spring 2003)


Indian summer –

the doe turns

into the wind


The Heron’s Nest 5:2 (February 2003)


moon child –

a different face

each morning


Acorn 23 (fall 2009), 15


moonlight closing each daylily


Forrester, ed. Seed Packets (2009)



new path –

the throat

of a violet


The Heron’s Nest 8:3 (September 2006)


north wind

and the swirl of leaves –

this fire within


The Heron’s Nest 12:1 (March 2010)



with the sky

all to himself


Modern Haiku 41:1 (winter-spring 2010)


shredded checks –

the robin weaves my life

into its nest


The Heron’s Nest 11:4 (December 2009)



from the spring garden

by a glass pane


Woodnotes 25 (summer 1995)


slicing red peppers –

the secret

I can’t tell


Acorn 24 (spring 2010)


stone in my pocket –

the brook cuts deeper

into the mountain


Harold G Henderson Awards 2006, HM
Frogpond 30:1 (winter 2007)



sparrow checks

under each leaf


Modern Haiku 31:2 (summer 2000)


the taste

of the peach I didn’t buy –

it’s aroma


Frogpond 33:1 (winter 2010)


the town’s foundations –

ancient mill stone

lost in the woods


Bottle Rockets 6:2 (#12, 2005)


throbbing cicadas

the same rhythm

as my pulse


Modern Haiku 41:1 (winter-spring 2010)


winter wind

a wasp nest tumbles

from the eaves


The Heron’s Nest 4:2 (February 2002)