Tom Clausen

Born 1951 in Ithaca, New York, USA
Living in Ithaca, New York, USA


sidewalk sale-
wind twists a lifetime
guarantee tag



taking me back...
water laps gently
at the shore

Dim Sum



our turn
to stand here-
falls overlook




mountain brook-
       the indistinguishable spring
                     of voices



in the garden
sitting alone-
who i am now

Dim Sum


         in the dark
through the window light
     my wife and child

Modern Haiku


the spider centered
in its web

Dim Sum


long wait alone
in the parking lot...
a dog in the next car

Raw Nervz



on the way home
   more geese
      on the way home



returning the water
      from the vase
               to the flower garden

Dim Sum


letting her 
walk all over me
- ladybug

bottle rockets


potluck luncheon

a yellow jacket cleans

its antennae


Dim Sum


the cat's eyes

so wide...

for a gnat


HN 2001 Members Anthology



    in the cold rain

    their snow fort




the way

   rain takes

           the mountain




Ducks riding the lake

brushed rough by wind;

pilings rimed with ice



Modern Haiku 1988



    giving back

       each breath



Brussels Sprout   v.XI : no.1  Jan. 1994


lunch alone

without a book

    i read my mind



Brussels Sprout  v.XI : no.1  Jan. 1994



   to the zendo to sit




Brussels Sprout  v.XI : no.2  May 1994



rubber duck alone

in the empty tub



Haiku Quarterly  summer 1994


on the trail again...

   walking deeper

      into myself



Frogpond  summer 1994


autumn moonlight

   folded in 

the clothes on the floor



Modern Haiku   summer 1994


the way

the light bulb rests

in the rest of the trash



Modern Haiku fall 1994


day break-

from the bread truck's roof

frost swirls



Woodnotes  #25  


one tree

one bird, one song

the dusk



Frogpond  1995


x-ray room

  they remove

  her crucifix




Modern Haiku  fall 1995


alone in the waiting room

   checking the plant

      for reality




Woodnotes  1996