Ron C. Moss


simmering milk

my baby sister’s bonnet

feathered with frost


Heron’s Nest Vol XVI, Number 1, March 2013


the warm voices

of the woman folk . . .

watermelon skies


shiku kukai, March 2013


the glow of sunset

in cardboard shelters . . .

songs of the broken


shiku kukai, July 2013


fire duty 

the newly ironed shirt 

still warm 


Heron's Nest 16:1, 2013 


sliver of moon

a hook taken deep

on the turning tide


White Lotus Jan 2008


winter stars 

a sick cat withers 

against the cold 


FreeXpression 2007 


casting out

the fisherman’s line

splits the moon


Devonport Poetry Competition, April 2002--First Place


lovers on the dune

lucerne pods burst

in the heat


Frogpond 25.2, 2012


close to the waterfall the sound I become lost in



Heron's Nest Volume XV, Number 2: June 2013


snow falling

until there’s only white . . .

feels like dying


Now This: Contemporary Poems of Beginnings, Renewals and Firsts, 2013


spring wind

ivy vines tighten

in the moonlight


Shiki Kukai, Mar 2007


light bulb

the silent burning

. . . of white


 Lynx #14 June, 2004


long ride

cold sunlight flickers

in the spokes


Famous Reporter #35


no vacancy—

a snowflake settles

in my footprint


Paper Wasp, Jack Stamm Haiku Anthology 2006