Anusha Tennakoon

Born 1978 in Sri Lanka
Living in Osaka, Japan
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touching and detaching
the mud
a lotus

The Mainichi 12.07.2013


beyond his words . . .
bottom of the pond
unseen by the sun

Chrysanthemum, 13 April 2013


summer heat
I cradle my child
that never was

shintai haiku World Haiku Review August 2013, 2nd place


changing seasons . . .
her lipstick
on another stranger

Frogpond 36:2


first day of spring
cold and warmth blended
as her smile

Notes from the Gean No 18, April 2013


lingering  aroma
of  her first baked cake
this winter too

ZATSUEI  Neo classical haiku World Haiku Review December 2012


air plane and bird
different speeds
but parallel

Haiku International Association 14th contest, prize winner