Krzysztof Kokot


sip of cold water –

on the edge of the glass

your perfume

paper wasp, vol.nineteen, no.2, winter 2013


full concentration

foot tapping under the desk

southern hot rhythms

Asahi Haikuist Network, February 03,2012


a small chocolate shop 

brass handle shines

in the setting sun

Chrysanthemum, April 2013

parking at the airport –

planes take off

in cars windows

The Mainichi Contest 2012, Honorable Mention

soap bubbles

all the colors of the rainbow

in the eyes of child

A Hundred Gourds 2:2 March  2013

knock on the door

from this and other side

question marks

The 3rd Vladimir Devide  Haiku Award Competition 2013, Grand Prize

parisian subway –

even the announcer’s voice

sounds erotic

A Hundred Gourds  1:3, June 2012

the orchestra tunes

just one sea

still free

The Mainichi, June 12 2010

honeymoon -

behind security glass

Gioconda’s smile

Notes From the Gean Vol. 3, issue #1