Andrzej Dembonczyk

back from the hospital -
the stork’s nest
still empty

Haiku Pix Review No.2/2011, spring

beach -
old man wipes again
his glasses

Haiku Pix Review No.2/2011, spring


forget-me-nots -

how beautifully they bloom

on your grave



Diogen, 2013


All Saints' Day

next to grandma's grave

dead sparrow



Diogen, 2013


woman act -

I look at

rose in her hair



 Diogen, 2013


autumn -

leaves have fallen

from the bonsai



Asahi, 30 October 2009


bus stop -

between our glances




 Asahi, 17 February 2012


Christmas -

around the house

the smell of gingerbread



Asahi, 21 December 2012


autumn –

more and more yellow leaves

in my vase



Sketchbook, September-October 2009


vegetable garden -

between peas and tomatoes

our first kiss



Sketchbook, May-June 2011


may morning -

cherry twigs on the grave

of a young girl



Vancouver Cherry Bossom Festival 2010, Honorable Mentions


rough sea -

blue marlin

on the back of a lifeguard



Magazine Haiku Novine, 2012


grandmother -

she recognizes us

by touch



First place in Caribbean Kigo Kukai #34, May 2012


field of corn -

my girl and I look for

her bra