Susan Constable

Born 1943 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Living in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Susan Constable


first light

not enough words

for green



The Heron’s Nest – 8:3, 2006



to tell someone




            Modern Haiku – 42:1, 2011


rising river

a shadow still wedged

between the rocks



            Acorn – #20, 2008


knife cold swimming into blue bones





Modern Haiku 44:1, 2013


a length of rope

knotted with seaweed

pull of the tide



The Heron’s Nest – 10:2, 2008


wild blackberries

the difference between ripe

and not quite



            Modern Haiku – 44:1, 2013


cutting a bruise

from the last peach

your broken promise



            Presence – #37, 2009


dry river bed

a fawn licks the colour

from a rock



            Shiki Kukai – Sept/08



edged with frost

I bite my tongue



            Modern Haiku Spotlight – 43:3, 2012


autumn equinox

we each make one

side of the bed



White Lotus – #7, 2008


no moon

the sound of leaves

catching rain



            White Lotus – #8, 2009


amber light

the time it takes

a leaf to fall



            The Heron’s Nest – 10:1, 2008


winter branches

all those spaces left

for plums



            White Lotus – #7, 2008


wind whistling the dark whirr of a helicopter





            Notes from the Gean – #4, 2010


a scattering

of bone-white stars

winter's end



            Haiku News – March 5/13