Anne Carly Abad

Born in Quezon City, Philippines
Living in Quezon City, Philippines
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          the   last   ember

 Prize Winner, Matsuo Basho Festival Haiku Contest 2013


from the plane
the island turns
into a tadpole

The Heron's Nest, Volume XV, Number3, September 2013


skimming pages
a spotted moth lights
on my fingertip

Creatrix #22, September 2013: Haiku


a fish takes refuge
under my foot

Shamrock Issue 25, 2013


rolling hills
a sprawl of cattle
at a bend

Modern Haiku, Issue 44:3, 2013


catching you lie –
raindrops slide down

black marble

The Asahi Hakuist Network, February 1, 2013


the trees
in unbroken stillness

The Asahi Hakuist Network, January 18, 2013


sun at its peak
a monkey takes water
from a biker

The Asahi Hakuist Network, January 4, 2013


the generator's hum
an ancient mango tree
soaking up the sun

A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012


drooping eyelids
  a last waft of burnt marshmallows

Paper Wasp, Summer 2012


billboard space
where the house used to be
still available

Paper Wasp, Summer 2012


searching for rainbows
in a cloudless sky
piles of slippers for sale

paper wasp, Summer 2012


dust clouds swirl
around my dustpan

 paper wasp, Summer 2012


sidewalk trees
at road’s end
a grasshopper green car

paper wasp, Summer 2012


tangerine slice
white tracks
from a stolen bite

paper wasp, Summer 2012