H. Gene Murtha

Born 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Lived in New Jersey, USA
19 October 1955 – 9 October 2015

summer haze –
a crow flaps free
of the asphalt

Frogpond, vol. XXVII:1, 2004


dawn bumps the Jesus fish

 Runner up, Innovated category,  Haiku Now 2010


spring mist –
a mallard paddles
through our stillborn's ashes

The Heron's Nest, vol. 4:11 Valentine Award issue, (Special Mention Haiku)
Mad Poet's Review,  vol. 17 Memorial Day, 2005


caught in a dewdrop –
the empty swing

The Heron's Nest, vol. V:2 Memorial Day, 2005


sudden chill . . .
he slips into
his daughter's bed

Moongarlic vol. 1:1


forty-six years
writing my name
yellow in snow

TempsLibre,  July, 2002


morning dew
I trace my son's

The Heron's Nest, vol. VII:1


where my brother stood –
twilight chill

The Heron's Nest, vol. VIII:3
The Heron's Nest Award, 2006, (Special Mention Haiku)


Berlin Wall 
a smooth stone
in my pocket

The Heron's Nest, vol. VI:9 
Haiku in English, the first hundred years


dreary day
a black walnut 
gnawed white

The Heron's Nest, vol. VIII:2


morning chill
a child's shadow 
moves thru mine

The Heron's Nest, vol. X:4


fresh snow . . .
the things we do
no one speaks of

Mainichi Daily Haiku, March 13, 2009


subway wall . . .
a poem about

Asahi Weekly #1871, Sunday, June 7, 2009


least bittern . . .
I hold the paddle tight
against the current

 The Heron's Nest, vol. XII:3


if purple 
were my color . . .
twilight snow

The Heron's Nest, vol. XI:2


it's all
I ever wanted . . .

The Heron's Nest, vol. XIV:4


pond shimmer
there not there 

The Heron's Nest, vol.  XIV:2


deep in thought
the pitcher plant
wide open

The Heron's Nest, vol. XII:4


if i could
start all over . . .
pink lady slipper

The Heron's Nest, vol. XV:3



Indian summer
a bee bounces around
in the beer can

The Heron's Nest, vol. V:12