Kashinath Karmakar


vast blue sky-

 the freedom that

 never was


1st place,14th International Kukai, May 2013


desert sun-

 in a camel's far-off look

 an oasis dream



1st place, 16th International Kukai, July 2013


 morning walk-

 wrapped and unwrapped

 by the fog



Tinywords, issue 13.1


traffic jam-

trimming a haiku

to fit the syllables



Frogpond, issue 36.1


back view mirror-

my childhood sky

distancing itself


Mainichi Daily News,April 2012


summer wind-

bamboos dissecting the moon

in various ways


Mainichi Daily News, October 2013


window moon-

an imperfect circle

in a perfect square

Shiki Kukai