Nancy Nitrio



old cellar –
potato eyes
follow me everywhere

bottle rockets, Issue #23, August 2010


scarecrow lost in the corn maze

bottle rockets, Issue #36, February 2017


old pine rocker –
a generation
of sleeping babies

bottle rockets, Issue#37, August 2017


misunderstanding –
the silence between us
grows louder

Wild Plum, Fall/Winter 2017


daybreak –
the baby robin’s
tiny beak

Cattails, September 2014


the song
of the loon …
summer rain

Cattails, September 2017


wispy clouds—
the thin
winter moon

Paper Wasp, Volume 16, Number 4, Spring 2010


distant mountains—
highest peak
floating on clouds

Paper Wasp, Volume 17 number 2, Autumn 2011


walking the path
of the ancestors …
deer tracts

A Hundred Gourds, Volume 4.2, March 2015


floating in a cloud
of cherry blossoms—
pink balloons

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine, Haiku 2011—2012


secret garden—
the whisper
of butterfly wings

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine, Haiku 2012—2013


spring cleaning—
scattering old feathers
from the nest

World Haiku Review, Neo-Classical Honorable Mention, Spring 2013


a splash of color
at sunrise—
deep well

Asahi Haikuist Network, May 16, 2014


nature walk—
the blue heron’s
silent watch

Cattails, September 2014


bending flowers—
honeybees heavy
with nectar

Cattails, May 2015


quiet valley—
the thunder
of horse’s hooves

Wild Plum, Spring/Summer 2015


cherry blossoms
fluttering in the breeze …
hummingbird wings

Chrysanthemum, Number 17, April 2015


first snow melt—
purple crocus surrounding
her headstone

Shiki Monthly Kukai, Third Place, February 2015


after the war
the cherry tree …
still blooms

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2017, Honorable Mention

empty wheelchair—

the twisted limbs
of the oak tree

bottle rockets, Issue #33, August 2015


with his mother—
the unborn foal

Diogen Pro Culture Magazine December 19, 2012


abandoned cemetery—
the rustling
of mourning dove wings

World Haiku Review Vanguard Haiku, Zatsuei (Haiku of Merit) Winter 2012


distant thunder—
the low growl
of the cat

Wisteria Issue #12 2009


turning over
a new leaf—
spring breeze

The Mainichi Daily News June 22, 2010


the weight
of a peony …
summer rain

Shamrock #16 2010


the silence
of August heat

Paper Wasp Volume 17 #2 Autumn 2011


gathering firewood—
lightning splits
the ancient oak

Paper Wasp Volume 16 #4 Spring 2010


the sweet aroma
of simmering wine …
plum blossoms

Modern Haiku Issue 44.3 Autumn 2013



dark clouds—
the white underbellies
of geese

Mariposa Issue #28 Spring/Fall 2013


approaching storm—
the silver flash
of turning pigeons

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine 2011-2012


a drift of leaves
covering his headstone—
deep autumn

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine 2009-2010



rippled lake—
the soft landing
of a loon

Cattails May 2014


failed marriage—
the moon hidden
behind clouds

Cattails May 2014


meditation class—
incense clouding
my mind

Bear Creek Haiku #104 January 2012


butterfly nets—
children chasing
cherry blossoms

Asahi Haikuist Network April 4, 2014


cat adoptions—

a paw through the cage 

pulls me in                               

Mariposa #19, Fall/Winter 2008



fading sunlight

a flock of crows

darkens the sky                       

In the Clear Dawn Sky Haiku Canada Anthology 2009


waiting for dawn—

a field of sunflowers

facing east                              

A Hundred Gourds 1.1 December 2011


winter solstice—

falling leaves

turning to snow                    

A Hundred Gourds 2.1 December 2012


autumn’s end—

the old dog running

in his dreams                       

Bear Creek Haiku #95 September 2010



the spider spins

in her web                         

bottle rockets #19 August 2008


evening heat—

our argument

tries to cool off               

bottle rockets #19 August 2008


soft morning breeze—

the faint tinkling

of wind chimes                

bottle rockets #23 August 2010


under a blanket

of cherry blossoms …

her headstone             

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 Sakura Award


date book—

a whole year

of empty pages                 

bottle rockets #27 August 2012


churning up mud

from the melting snow—

white stallion                      

Diogen Pro Culture Magazine October 10, 2012


shivering under

her winter coat …

the old mare                     

Diogen Pro Culture Magazine December 3, 2012



nodding off  …

afternoon heat               


Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine 2010


lazy afternoon –

the hawk

drifting in circles             

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine 2010


Mother’s Day

small fistful

of dandelion flowers


Shiki Monthly Kukai, May 2007


rustling leaves

the scent of gardenia

on my cat’s fur


The Heron’s Nest, IX.3 September 2007
Haiku Canada Anthology The Touch of a Moth, 2012


gardenias …

a summer dance

so long ago                     


Shiki Monthly Kukai, March 2008 First Prize


paper parasol …

a soft rain

of cherry blossoms


Shiki Monthly Kukai, May 2009 Second Place
Seed Packets, bottle rockets Anthology 2010


house for sale—

only the dandelions

show any interest


Mariposa, 18, Spring/Summer 2008


evening walk

becoming lost

in a haiku


bottle rockets, XI.1.22, February 2010


spring morning—

brushing the sunlight

into my cat’s fur


Wisteria 10, July 2008
Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar, Runner Up 2009


fog rolling in—

driving mom back

to the nursing home  


Modern Haiku,41.2 Summer 2010


winter night—

the taste of snow

on his lips


White Lotus 8, Spring/Summer 2009


in the fold

of my kimono—

a dried cherry blossom  


Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 20l0, Honorable Mention
Never Ending Story, Butterfly Dreams, January 16, 2013


winter night—

my breath

clouds the moon       


bottle rockets # 24, February 2011
Diogen pro culture magazine, Third Prize Winter Haiku 2012


nightfall …

brushing the daylight

from my hair                        








Acorn # 21, Fall 2008


wildflowers …

the wind scattering

her ashes                        


The Temple Bell Stops Anthology, 2012


drought season—

only wind

rushing downstream     


Mariposa #21, Fall/Winter 2009
Horse’s Hooves Haiku Canada Anthology 2013 


flight plan –

a mother hawk calls

to her fledging             


A Hundred Gourds, 1:1 December 2011