Artur Lewandowski


broken clock

a bark beetle tick

in the wooden case



Tinywords 09. 2007


indian summer

more and more butterflies

with faded wings



AHA Poetry -  Lynx Autumn 2008


golden jubilee -

my oldest grandson

tries my ring on



AHA Poetry -  Lynx Autumn 2008


morning fog

just someone's footsteps

instead of the bridge



AHA Poetry -  Lynx Autumn 2008


heavy rain

the marble cupid

stopped peeing



Mainichi Daily News 28.01. 2009


park bench

the blind man's  glasses

reflect the sunlight



Tinywords 2.02. 2010


hole in footbridge

I spit

straight in my face



The Heron's Nest


date in the rain

I turn the hole in my umbrella

to my side



Ardea 3



the widow buys

depilatory wax



Ist Place - European kukai 


strong gale

an angel with the broken wing

lies on the grave



AHA - Lynx... 06. 2010.


return to work

I draw on the dusty desk -

the sun



Asahi Haikuist Network 01. 2010.


night shift

a baker looks at the crescent

among the cloud



Shamrock Haiku Journal 


autumn park

on the stone chessboard

a few  chestnuts



Shamrock Haiku Journal 


old temple

the Japanese garden

all green with moss



Matsuo Basho 2009 Haiku Contest


New Year fireworks

the sundial shows

all the times



AHA -Lynx 10. 2009


Buddha statue

my smiling wife

looks at her belly


Honorable Mention - Mainichi Haiku Contest 2013