Marek Kozubek


crossroads –
wherever I look
an autumn dusk

6th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum (July 2014)


child's prayer -
the faith that moves

The Mainichi (August 2014)


no dream -
the moonlight filled with
a nightingale’s song

Folded Word-Lab Contest - Awarded Haiku (April 2015)


old wine -
the taste of feelings
on her lips

Asahi Haikuist Network (November 2015)


big city lights –
the flash of your eyes
in the crowd

The World Haiku Review (June 2015)


midsummer night -
too short for a dream
about you

Asahi Haikuist Network (September 2015)


stone Buddha -
I learn to forgive
a mosquito

Sharpening The Green Pencil 2016 - Third Prize (April 2016)


morning prayer -
discovered in dewdrops
pieces of sky

Asahi Haikuist Network (April 2016)

fresh snow -
how many new ways
to trampling down

Suruga Baika Literary Festival - Honorable Mention February 2008


spring puddle

a frog jumps over

the moon


Lyrical Passion Poetry - 1st Place Spring 2008


sweltering heat

a few cool words

from her


Mainichi Daily News -  August 2008


first snow

tracks of a homeless man

from sill to sill


Lyrical Passion Poetry - 1st Place September 2008


yellowed meadows

a little bit of green

in your blue eyes


Asahi Haikuist Network -  October 2008


the waft of spring

a butterfly on the hand

of sumo master


NC State University Insect Museum - Grand Prize March 2009



the sound of an old guitar

from here to the moon


Asahi Haikuist Network -  October 2009


old friends--

a smell of forget-me-nots

at dusk


Mainichi Daily News -  July 2010


fog thinning out--

more and more visible

the way to nowhere


Mainichi Daily News -  December 2010


fading rainbow -

a letter from

the forgotten friend


The 14th  Mainichi Haiku Contest - Honorable Mention January 2011


bitter tea

between sips

her sweet smile


Asahi Haikuist Network -  April 2011


autumn dusk -

in an empty room

unfinished puzzle


Mainichi Daily News -  December 2011


spring puddle -

a piece of the sky

between us

Asahi Haikuist Network -  July 2012


after radiotherapy--

through an icicle


 The Mainichi -  March 2013



so many words

without a word--

your hand in mine

  The Mainichi -  April 2013