Simon Hanson

dissolving edges and boundaries the softness of ocean mist
The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku ed. Robert Epstein 2014
across the cliff face
shadows of birds
World Haiku Review Winter 2015
on a darkening sea
crimson sunset
Shamrock No. 27, 2014
little boats
alone on the sea
distant lights
paper wasp, summer 2014
a mingling
of clouds and reeds
the splash of a frog
Presence # 48 June 2013
ripples on the pond
the moon
reassembles itself
Frogpond Winter Issue 2012 / 2013
in the mist
the call of loons
calling loons
Taj Mahal Review Vol. 13 No. 2 December 2014
in the right place
at the right time
leaf fall
Frogpond 37:2  2014
over the fence
morning glories
the neighbour’s yard
FreeXpresSion Magazine December 2014
first one
then the rest
FreeXpresSion Magazine, December 2014
late afternoon  the shade of other trees
Creatrix # 27, December 2014
white paper lanterns
briefly orange
Creatrix # 27, December 2014
hand in hand
our shadows
do the same
A Hundred Gourds 2.3 June 2013
your pats on the back
what weight
they carry
University of Western Australia, Digital Display 2013
lighting their faces
stories around the fire
Windfall: Australian Haiku Issue 2 2013
our cat
currently between
a hiss and a purr
paper wasp, spring 2014
raindrops on the window
you go your way
i’ll follow
paper wasp, spring 2014
visiting the aunts
greeting us first
garden gnomes
Creatrix # 27, December 2014
driveway lions
a little backup
for the cat
Creatrix # 27, December 2014
family gathering 
all the odd chairs
around the pool
FreeXpreSsion Haiku Competition 2013, Highly Commended
lighting one candle
from another
mother and daughter
Chrysanthemum 14 October 2013
deep in the toy box
a Tamagotchi sound
paper wasp, spring 2014
mowing the lawn
our daughter swerves
around the daisies
Windfall: Australian Haiku Issue 2 2013
my green indicator arrow points     left    left    left
paper wasp, winter 2014
barking dogs
another place
another story
World Haiku Review, Winter 2014
paddock shed a lean seventy years in the making
paper wasp, summer 2014
back again
same post
same crow
Windfall: Australian Haiku Issue 3, 2015
around the silos
a rat’s preference
for shadows
Creatrix # 25 June 2014
holding cover
the hare waits
for eye contact
Katikati Haiku Competition New Zealand 2014, Third Place
paddock wall
the work of hands
long gone
Kokako 21, 2014
in slow release
icicle drip
The Zen Space Summer Showcase 2014
sunset ice the orange glow of distant fire
Kokako 21, 2014
for eye conta
left behind
skimming stones
moonlit ripples
19th Kusamakura Haiku Competition 2014, Second Place
catching the moon
the frost shows off
its stars
World Haiku Review Winter 2015
midnight snow
whispers of light
in the darkness
Golden Triangle Haiku Contest 2015, Second Place 
out of darkness
briefly in lamplight
falling snow
Golden Triangle Haiku Contest 2015, Honorable Mention 
across our lawn
on dewy nights
ten thousand tiny moons
Windfall: Australian Haiku Issue 1 2013


sharing the view

across the lake

a white faced owl                    

still heading out, An anthology of Australian and New Zealand haiku, 2013


blue fairy wren

lifting for a moment

a weight we carried                   

A Hundred Gourds 2.2, March 2013


crimson sunset

all the seagulls

in silhouette                               

DailyHaiku Vol. 8, 2013



our paddock

the crow and i                           

Evening Breeze,  Anthology of the Janice M Bostok haiku award, 2012


around ancient fires

their shadows danced

on the great stones                  

The Heron's Nest, September, 2012


by the same moon

to this very well . . .

our foremothers                       

Shamrock, No. 24, 2013


a mingling

of clouds and reeds

the splash of a frog                   

Presence # 48, June, 2013


the sounds of rain

softly across the pond

lily pads                                        

World Haiku Review, August, 2013


orange sunset

our long shadows

collecting firewood                   

A Hundred Gourds 2.4, September, 2013


incoming tide

over the mud flats


European Kukai, Autumn, 2013


alone on the shore all the white horses           



A Hundred Gourds 3.1, December, 2013


time and weather

our picket fence

goes its own way                           

Presence # 49, 2013


church ruin

a carpet of grass

a ceiling of stars                          

Creatrix # 22, September, 2013


afternoon hours

pass into evening

        mum's lace curtains               

DailyHaiku Vol. 8, 2013


closer than we thought lights in the mist             



DailyHaiku Vol. 8, 2013


lime cordial

the tinkle of ice

forty years ago                               

DailyHaiku Vol. 8, 2013


passing . . .

the ancient hills

cloud shadows                               


Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum Haiku Contest, Submission Collection, 2013


filling this cup

the moon rises

to the brim                                      


World Haiku Review, August 2013


spring water

first moonlight

in a very long time                 


still heading out, An anthology of Australian and New Zealand haiku, 2013