Scott Terrill

Living in Melbourne, Australia
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young coconut
beside a wet machete
her breath

 tinywords 12.1


southern humpback –
          miles of ocean
     pushing back

 A Hundred Gourds 2.1


indigo my groin fold against it

Bones no 1, Dec 2012


moorings slip the mountain the snow falling

Bones no 1, Dec 2012


under the verandah
the marshy shore; a horse
nibbles at my hand

Presence #46


slicing dried cod
three days after the tsunami
soft enough to eat

Presence #46


     Deep in  the smell of
childhood comic books  winter rain

Presence #47


not satisfied
until the last tomato seed
white chopping board

NFTG 4.1


dreaming in another language
an oyster dies
beside an oyster

NFTG 4.1


slipping moon
a rock pool blooms

NFTG 4.1


at the bottom of the sea
drift blue

The Heron’s Nest XIV.3


pressing the front of night white peach

R'r 12.3 Dec. 2012


funeral is the sound cut paper

R'r 12.3


in this fetus, too
a sculpture
passing by

R'r 12.3


carousel I step out   onto   a swan’s foot

A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012