Urszula Wielanowska

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on the other side
only one step
separates me from the dusk

Mainichi, December 2013


what I have
and what I haven't
a grain of sand

Mainichi News Annual Selection 2013



lovers in the wind
two interwined kites
so far...so close

Mainichi, April 2013



after the war
the soldier fights
with his shadow

A Hundred Gourds 2013


after chemo
among the dark color
bright thread entangled

Asahi Haikuist Network


abandoned house
falling snow
fills the chimney

Mainichi, February 2013


abandoned house
this sudden desire
to look inside

The Shiki Monthly Kukai


dying day
candle flame
shines and shines

Daily Haiga



after the earthquake
my little boy on fingers
counting the shadows

8 International Kukai



my illegitimate son
opens the door
trembling a spider's web

Mainichi, July 2012


crescent moon
quiet lullaby
from the rocker

The Heron's Nest