creeping fog
a little moonlight
crosses the river 

Heron's Nest, Volume IV, Number 8: August, 2002


soft rain
a frog leaps from
one leaf to another 

Heron's Nest, Volume IV, Number 9: September, 2002


sunset –     
     white herons return      
          to the mangroves     

          evening drizzle      
     soft cooing     
on the rooftops

Simply Haiku, Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


translucent pages
     in the afric of my mind –
          bonsaic verses

 Joys of Japan, 2012


after the rain
     an orchestra of
          a busy street 

 Joys of Japan, 2012


September heat –
     the throat-song of Om
          after a long bath

Joys of Japan, 2012


letters from gulag –
the numbing emptiness of
Siberian winter

 European Quarterly Kukai #4 - Winter 2013 Edition


old tarsier
     slow now with his leaves
and tango years

Taj Mahal Review, vol.10 no.1 June 2011 


evening rain . . .
     a homeless angel cradled
on a wooden cart

Taj Mahal Review, vol.10 no.1 June 2011 


hard rain –
     the crysong of a bulbul
          losing its nest


          by the ruins
     the long silence of
a broken bell


child of the quick hands
     a fruit stand
          an apple less


          last,train,out –

from Bonsaic Verse, 2013