Carolyn Hall


nesting owls —

who would I be

if I had stayed


Mariposa #29, Autumn/Winter 2013


dogwood blossoms

Mom's ashes

lighter than expected


     Frogpond 23.1, Winter 2009


the meds

kick in —



     Mariposa #25, Autumn/Winter 2011


how to dress her

for eternity —

blossom rain


Heron's Nest XIII:1, March 2011  
2nd Runner-up Heron's Nest Readers' Choice Awards


you can forget

how to ride a bike

     autumn leaves


     1st Place, 2011 San Francisco International Haiku Contest


telephoto lens —

the loon's call

comes into focus


     Heron's Nest XIII:4, December 2011


military crackdown

a cloud of starlings

shrouds the sun


     Frogpond XXXI:1, Winter 2008


white wind the eyes of the dead seal missing



     Roadrunner VIII:1, February 2008


Mother's Day

the commotion in the tree

becomes a heron


     Mariposa #18, Spring/Summer 2008



slave cemetery

the tug of the current

on willow fronds


Heron's Nest V:6, June 2003    
Editors' Choice Poem of the Year



so suddenly winter

baby teeth at the bottom

of the button jar


Heron's Nest VII:1, March 2005    
Grand Prize, Heron's Nest Reader's Choice Awards


indian summer

a maple leaf drawn back

into the eddy


     Heron's Nest III:10, December 2001



the poultry truck returns

with empty cages


     Heron's Nest V:8, August 2003



grosbeak's song

I brush on one more 

wall color sample


     Honorable Mention, 2003 Drevniok Contest


spilt milk

spreading along the grout lines

morning chill


     Heron's Nest II:5, May 2000