Paresh Tiwari

Born 1982 in Lucknow, India
Living in Hyderabad, India
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incessant rain . . .
the smell of coriander
getting drenched

Haiku of Merit – World Haiku Review, Summer 2013 


marijuana dawn –
the universe screeching
on a blackboard

A Hundred Gourds December 2013


silent night –
the wings of a moth
carving storms

A Hundred Gourds December 2013


early morning . . .
a tree's foliage bursts
into parakeets

Simply Haiku, Summer 2013


its anthers echo the

Simply Haiku Summer 2013


fireflies . . .
for a while my garden
mimics the night

Simply Haiku Summer 2013


higgs boson . . .
deepening henna pattern
on the first night

#3 December 2013


mustard fields –
a thimbleful of sun
in each blossom

First Place - Indian Kukai # 2, Nov 2013 


evening raga –
the prussian wing-tips
of a blue jay

5th Place - Indian Kukai # 1, Sep 2013


alley puddle –
a paper boat glides
over the stars

3rd Place (free format - puddle) - Shiki Kukai, Nov 2013


cardiogram . . .
this trembling distance
between us

First Place (free format - heart) - Shiki Kukai, Dec 2013


her bosom –
tracing the rhythm of
a nocturne

not previously published


so gently
the leaf lands on a puddle –
trembling moon

not previously published


waxing moon –
the ululant rhythm
of her labour

not previously published