Goda V. Bendoraitiene

Living in Klaipeda, Lithuania
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lets a flower hear it
before giving a kiss

156 th WHA Haiga Contest, September 2017

rainbow in a dewdrop -
no one hears
my inner joy

155th WHA Haiga Contest, July 2017

predawn blue…
a bird’s song is heard
in between pains

154th WHA Haiga Contest, June 2017

flowering cherry -
I forbid myself to think
about the time

153rd WHA Haiga Contest, May 2017
WHAC9 Haiga Exhibition in Parma, Italy, Sept. 8 - 10, 2017

melting snowflakes in the air
unburden my heart –
weight of lost time

149th WHA Haiga Contest, January 2017
WHAC9 Haiga Exhibition in Parma, Italy, Sept. 8 - 10, 2017

a wandering path
echoes the mountain river
chasing its clear flow

148th WHA Haiga Contest, December 2016

the day’s catch…
trapped in fishing nets
fleeting sunset

144th WHA Haiga Contest, July 2016

still waters beneath
the true colour of eyes
facing the sky

143rd WHA Haiga Contest, June 2016

amongst falling leaves
the space I occupy in

136th WHA Haiga Contest, November 2015

the sky full of wings -
all are going
in the same direction

135th WHA Haiga Contest, October 2015

crossing the equator
exchange of sms…
from autumn to spring



dewy willow
sunrise lights up
only one side

The Mainichi — December 7, 2016


a rift in the clouds
clearing what it means to be
someone‘s part

WHA Haiga Contest, October 2016


predawn downpour
louder and louder
the sky calls the tune

WHA Haiga Contest, September 2016


the first voyage...
irresistible wish
to look back

WHA Haiga Contest, May 2016


at the crossroads —
each road once
was travelled

WHA Haiga Contest, April 2016


small world...
a child draws with a twig
the sun on puddle

The Mainichi — October 21, 2016


serene lake--
a black swan stretches its wings
among white swans

The Mainichi — March 4, 2016


childhood theatre...
the heroes--mossy twigs
on the wild cherry

The Mainichi — December 19, 2015


cumulus cloud
just like a duck
resting on the lake

The Mainichi — October 19, 2015


coming of autumn
I recall the melody
of distant carillon

The Mainichi — November 18, 2015


a sudden downpour
brings us to the doorstep
of an open church

The Mainichi — August 15, 2015


first buds...
the only wish
to stay longer

The Mainichi — June 3, 2015


a glow of sunset
on the sidewalk mime closes
imaginary door

The Mainichi — May 18, 2015


snow fortress
slowly turns to
wings of angel

The Mainichi — February 11, 2015


short summer...
grannie is learning the language
of her grandchild

4th place - Indian Kukai #12 , August 2015


short conference break –
my son introduces his beloved
by budding cherry

Haiku Special from the 3rd Japan – Russia Haiku Contest
Akita International Haiku Network


tree trunk
torn to the core
full of snow

The Mainichi – March 29, 2014


glow of warmth...
touching the sunset
on water surface

The Mainichi – December 5, 2014


flash of lightning
within a second
honest faces

The Mainichi – November 6, 2014


a child fills his bucket
with sunset twinkle
from the peak of wave

The Mainichi – October 15, 2014


a toddler climbs
onto father's shoulders
to reach the kite

Honorable mention - Diogen haiku contest - Spring 2014


family picnic...
trying not to trample down
budding primroses

Honorable Mention - 68th Basho Festival Anthology - October 2014


autumn flowers...
just reminding of colours
brighter before fall

WHA Haiga Contest, September 2014


little souls...
listening to
the pulse

WHA Haiga Contest, October 2014


Blue Moon...
cruise liner passes by
the blues variations

WHA Haiga Contest, June 2014


first swallows of spring...
this desire to call
that all is well

WHA Haiga Contest, July 2014


first thunder
enlightens all that's perfect...
still unfinished in me

WHA Haiga Contest, May 2014


passing clouds before gale –
we stick to our own

WHA Haiga Contest, April 2014


you are always beside,
the good day, –
aura of the sun

WHA Haiga Contest, January 2014


dried roses...
Hard To Say
I am sorry

Butterfly Dream 2014


white chrysanthemum
in the first snow
the last farewell


Mother's Day...
relaxing aquarelle sunset
in my toddler's mood

everything I’d like to hear –
snowflakes over water

The Mainichi - March 8-9, 2013


blooming orchard...
in a dream I meet my mom 
as old as me

World Haiku Anthology: A Vast Sky, 2013


by the mountain spring
we talk about the same things
just in other words

Special Prize, Japan-Lithuania Online HAIKU Contest 2011


in the old dictionary
a bookmark: leaf of maple…
mother’s gift

The Mainichi – November 27, 2010


festive fair
coming and leaving


family picnic...
trying not to trample down
budding primroses



jazz festival —
tears without a reason
lost in echoes