Rohini Gupta


far below
migrating geese
follow the river  

Heron's Nest, Dec 2009


wet pavements
a cat walks upon
the moon        

Mainichi Daily, 21 Sept 2011 and also featured in the annual selection


vacation's end

my small black notebook

brings home the mountains  


Bottle Rockets, August 2008


dawn comes

too soon

I lose the stars  


Bottle Rockets, August 2008



the funeral pyre

a falling star  


winner of the Toshiko award, World Haiku Club



the last red apple

now I feel the cold  


Mainichi Daily, 20 Feb 2013


temple ruins

only the wind still

offers flowers  


Chrysanthemum, April 2008


the faces

still smiling

old photos    


World Haiku Review, August 2010


dawn over Dal lake

emerging from the mist

the flower boat    


Heron's Nest, March 2008


spring moon

too much pain

to write    


Runner Up, World Haiku Club Awards, Feb 2008