Myron Lysenko


rock climb

every step has its own



Windfall Issue 2, 2014


slow to rise a snail crawls up my bedroom door



paper wasp Vol19, #4, Summer 2013


in the wind

       a falling leaf

           stops falling



Famous Reporter #28, Dec 2003


a blackbird

flies towards the moon—

cancer ward


Notes for the Translators, Dec 2012


rose petals

she begins to lose

her hair


Creatrix #17 June 2012


she finds

her great grandmother —

lichen on the stone


The Heron’s Nest Volume VIII, Number 3: September, 2006.



grass shoots –

a mushroom lies

on its side


LYNX, XXIV: June 2009


even after death

each one is different---

leaning headstones


tinywords 23 August 2006


long poetry reading

a trapped pigeon finds

the door


Joint winner Suruga-Baika 2004



after heavy watering

the plant falls over


Simply Haiku Vol 2 #5