John HawkheadJohn Hawkhead

Living in Bradford on Avon, United Kingdom
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lights out at last
shedding the burden
of her shadow

cattails journal (UHTS) - Jane Reichold memorial haiku (2016)

between peonies
two cock sparrows
fight over a crumb

Runner Up: 2017 Golden Haiku Contest

on ice
the sister
I could have been

Bones Journal 12 (15 March 2017)

transit camp
dust tracks deepening
on the child’s face

Ephemerae Issue 1 (2018)

describing snow whispering

Modern Haiku 49:3 (Winter-Spring 2018)

the bright red tattoo
on the side of her arm
a fading palm print

Honorable Mention: UKIA Haiku 2016 Jane Reichold Award 


upon reflection
the diving duck disappears
right into itself

Winner: The Lincoln Underground haiku contest 2016 


the old hometown family
a graveyard full

Asahi Haikuist Network 


final reminder
dropped through the letterbox
cut price funerals

Boston Literary Magazine (Winter 2015) 


snowflakes falling
on the child’s upturned face
the stillness of stars

Winner: Haiku Now! contest 2013 (traditional category) (the Haiku Foundation)


winter funeral
          we stand unbelieving
                  the cloudless sky

Haiku Ireland newsletter


fortieth birthday
     fastening my old belt
at a new hole

Haiku Presence issues 13 & 25 & Haiku Spirit


summer thunderstorm
filling air with tension
she crosses her thighs

Chrysanthemum (Aug 2012)


not a bird for days
yet somehow the seed feeder
completely empty

Bottle Rockets (Aug 2012)


late autumn haze
     a constellation of gnats
                        skywriting ampersands

Frogpond  Autumn 2011



after the service
we gather at the wake
raising spirits

A Hundred Gourds (Dec 2011)


cattle reflected
in the river’s meander
summer clouds

Acorn (2011)


skimming the surface
of a mirror flat sea
the full moon

Paper Wasp


mist on far hills
her eyes in shadow
reflect the distance

Bare Bones magazine issue 8


pulling the bowstring
     against held breath
            wind in the yews

Snapshots Magazine issue 12


staring into flames
     an old man and his old wife
their dancing shadows

Snapshots Magazine issue 3 (also Daily Haiga website)


drifting mist
the swinging lantern
slowly disappears

Haiku Presence issue 34