Rachel Sutcliffe

Born 1977 in Harrogate North, Yorkshire, UK
Living in Huddersfield West, Yorkshire, UK
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his death day
in graveyard shadows
gathered crows

The Zen Space Winter Showcase 2015 


talking done
the dregs of friendship
in our mugs

tinywords 15 December 2015


heavy snow
shovelling away
the solitude

Failed Haiku January 2016


childhood friend
I bury my innocence
with her

Failed Haiku January 2016


your unused cot
the years I’ve lived
without filling

Hedgerow Issue #57


cliff edge
darkness swallows
my screams

Hedgerow Issue #57


no moon tonight
in darkness I see
your true colours

Hedgerow Issue #51


spring breeze
the scent of her

Brass Bell October 2015


charity bonfire
the last glow of embers
in the hospice grounds

A Hundred Gourds 5.1 December 2015


unfolding darkness
the chill of the pillow
next to mine

Brass Bell December 2015


first catch
the rising sun
in the old man's net

Brass Bell November 2015


bonfire ashes
all that remains
of autumn

Blithe Spirit  25.4 November 2015


mother’s memory

Blithe Spirit  25.3August 2015


funeral wake
a stranger sits
in her place

Blithe Spirit  25.3August 2015


failing light
the frayed hem
of her nightgown

Frogpond 38:3 Autumn 2015


rose garden
another stab
of envy

Frogpond 38:3 Autumn 2015


longest day
all the leaves of the lettuce
this slug

The Zen Space Summer Showcase  2015


summer heat
the dry creak
of the garden swing

The Zen Space Summer Showcase  2015


spring thaw
shards of sunlight
shatter the pond

Shamrock February 2015


forgotten frost
the mother
I’ll never be

Hedgerow #31


all day drizzle
the steady progress
of a snail

A Hundred Gourds 3:4  September 2014


second hand book store
I browse
through Sunday

A Hundred Gourds 3:4  September 2014


lost in the valley
listening for the river
to guide us home

A Hundred Gourds 4:1  December  2014


she wonders where
the waves come from

Heron's Nest December 2014


morning sun
stroking its warmth
through the old dog's fur

Heron's Nest September 2014


autumn stroll
we pick blackberries
out of the mist

Cattails September 2014


summer’s end
the garden bench
gathers leaves

Cattails September 2014


long wait
knitting the tension
into a scarf

Cattails January 2015


amber sands
our footprints sink
into sunset

Blithe Spirit 24.3.


blackberry picking
autumn colours
her fingers

Blithe Spirit 24.4.


her tiny coffin
these arms
so empty

Blithe Spirit 24.4.

through sunset
the pull of the tide

Blithe Spirit 24.4


autumn winds
heading in opposite directions
the leaves and I

Blithe Spirit 24.4.


still no news
my knitting begins
to unravel

Prune Juice July 14


start of spring
between showers
half a rainbow

A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014


the nettles
remind me why

Blithe Spirit 24.1 February 2014


family dinner
again gran asks
who we are

Frogpond 37:1 Winter 2013


chill morning
at the school gates
hot gossip

Blithe Spirit 23.4 November 2013


knitting socks
a hole
in the pattern

Prune Juice November 2013



dripping tap
I begin to think
you’re  right

Frogpond 36:3 Autumn 2013


railroad crossing
a train passes through
my feet

Lynx October 2013


open bakery door
a pigeon
joins the queue

Lynx October 2013


empty house
I find loneliness
in every room

A Hundred Gourds 2:4 September 2013


after arguing
we settle
on silence

Frogpond 36:2.Spring/Summer 2013


landfill site
poking through the rubbish,
green shoots

Shamrock March 2013


clocks go back
the nightmare comes

Notes from the Gean: December 2012