Verica Zivkovic

Born 1957
Lived in Starcevo, Serbia
Died December 10, 2014


icy station –
only cigarette’s glow
back and forth

Second Prize - ITOEN New Haiku Contest 2005, Japan



rising sun –
the sunflowers’
dark head

First Prize - Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Contest 2009


on the leaves of sunflower
po-tan, po-tan 

* Po-tan, po-tan are Japanese sound words expressing slow tempo.

Special additional prize: “The Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award donated by Carolyn Lamb”
Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Contest 2006


sky clears up
hail on the sunflower

Second Prize - Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Contest 2004


midnight moon –
iced apple sparkles
on the bare branch

Second Prize - ITOEN New Haiku Contest 2001, Japan


cut down forest –
behind the deer antlers
waxing moon

Prize winner  - HIA Haiku Contest 2007, Japan



storm crosses
the traveler’s shadow –
he marches on

Best Haiku - The 34th A-Bomb Day Memorial Haiku Meeting 2000, Japan 


the full moon
until half in the hole
of the chimney

Selected by Isamu Hashimoto October 21, 2013 (Mainichi Japan)



under an umbrella –
a hyacinth seller

Selected haiku - Shigureki Haiku Contest 2003, Japan


after the tsunami –
the man standing
on his floating roof

Haiku in English Tsunami Special
The Mainichi Daily News March 11, 2011 


pruning his apple tree
my neighbour waves at me
with a twig

Matsuo Basho Poetry Offerings
Selected haiku, 2006


water carrier –
moon sways
to the rhythm of walking

Honorable Mention - 17th Mainichi Haiku Contest, 2013


table parasol –
my glass full of rainwater
reflects setting sun

Special Award - Hekinan «World Wide» Haiku Contest 2006, Japan


the shadows
of an abandoned station –
spring moon

Third Prize - Kusamakura International Competition  2003, Japan


floating leaf
almost covering –
the Easter moon

First Prize - The Yellow Moon Poetry Competition 2004, Australia