Carmen Sterba


forgotten words –

we brush eraser bits 

off the table


“No Longer Strangers” Haiku Northwest 25th Anniversary Anthology 2014


space needle

the news helicopter’s 

sun flash


The Haiku Foundation, Per Diem, May 2012


sunlit ground fog

my ribcage rises and falls


Whirligig, April 2011


spring wind

a cosplay girl 

adjusts her wings


Whirligig, April 2011


Perseid shower – 

tiny green apples 

dot the lawn


The Heron’s Next, XIII:1 2011


lapping shore water – 

the things we take

for granted


Haiku Museum of Literature Award, Frogpond 33:1 2010


meteor shower 

we stay

for the credits


haijinx, Vol. III:1 2010


foam flowers

the pull of sand under 

my inner child


The Heron’s Nest, IX:4 2007


rearview mirror

dark clouds gathering 

into a twister


The Heron’s Nest, VII:6 2005


one mallard

drifts on the satin lake 

my mind smooths out


The Heron’s Nest VI:3 2004


the Quakers’ silence

spills out a wide-open door 

– autumn woods


Modern Haiku 35:1 2004


single living

I allow the teakettle 

a full whistle


A New Resonance 4: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, 2005, Red Moon Anthology, 2005,
Honorable Mention, 2004 Valentine Awards, The Heron’s Nest III:3


Passover Week

a mother’s gaze lingers 

on her first born son


Haiku Harvest, winter 2003, sunlit jar, 2002


dappled shade

the three-legged cat swipes

at the lizard’s tail


Year 2002 Anthology, Nevada Country Poetry Series, CA sunlit jar, 2002, Presence #14


sunlit jar

the beekeeper’s gift 

on the doorstep


sunlit jar, 2002, The Heron’s Nest III:6 2001