Devin Harrison


grandmother's birthday--

counting the rings

on her aged fingers


Prune Juice
Haiku Foundation- per diem: Feb. 12


leaves drifting    

he no longer remembers

his vows


Haiku Presence: Issue # 50, 2014


growing old

the snow from childhood

rests on my shoulders


commendation – sharpening the green pencil contest, April 2014


protest march –  

not willing to stand

on my own


Hundred Gourds. Spring 2014


milder fall evenings       

an occasional katydid rasps –

death song


Diogen Autumn Haiku 2013 – Honorable Mention


a dense fog--   

he cannot find

the words for it


Hundred Gourds. Spring 2014


wedding cake – 

more than one layer

to slice through


Frogpond-Spring 2014


fashion bindi*—

the eye that looks

back at her

*spot marking 3rd eye


Taj Mahal Review: June 2014)


cold winter wind      

elderly walk cautiously

defy the pull of the earth


diogen-honorable mention, winter 2013



fern unfurls

its frond


Kigo Seasonal Words, Issue 1, April 2014


waiting out the rain        

under a shingle wood tree--

rhythmic drumming


Kigo Seasonal Words, Issue 1, April 2014


during Parikrama* 

the guru pauses for a drink--

coconut water


* Parikrama refers to circumambulation of sacred places in Hindu, Jain or Buddhist context


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014


round the clock    

an anchored freighter rotates

slowly in the bay


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014


therapist listens    

to the little girl’s doll--

gray porcelain eyes


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014



dribbling down his chin--

vital signs


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014


dust clouds—        

allowing my thoughts to come

and go


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014



overlooking the celibacy

of snow


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014


wrapped in   

smoke from the pyre--

shrouded moon


Taj Mahal Review – June 2014


the goddess    

ascending through azure waters

shape shifting


Tamarind Magazine - June 2014