Neelam Dadhwal

Lydia Royen Damhave

Born 1979 in Frankfurt/M, Germany.
Living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Since 2012 haiku and other forms of poetry in literary magazines.


Damir DamirDamir Damir

Born: 1977 in Kotor, Yugoslavia
Resides: Belgrade, Serbia

Damir Janjalija (aka Damir Damir) was born on November 6, 1977 in today’s non-existent Yugoslavia. A sailor by profession, a poet by vocation, and a dharma bum by choice. His poems have been published in many significant contemporary haiku journals and anthologies, both in the country and abroad. He is the winner of several international haiku awards.
Books Published: Imprints of Dreams (Udruženje građana Trablmejker, 2012), Freedom in the Mist (Odličan Hrčak, 2013), Filigree Memories (Književna radionica Rašić, 2017).
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Tracy DavidsonTracy Davidson

Born 1970 in Paisley, Scotland
Living in Warwickshire, England

Mary Davila

Born in Buffalo New York, USA
Living in Buffalo, New York, USA

Cherie Hunter DayCherie Hunter Day

Born in Morristown, NJ, USA
Living in Cupertino, CA, USA

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Tatjana Debeljački

Warren DeckerWarren Decker

Born in the United States in 1977
Living in Japan


Warren Decker is a writer and teacher based in Osaka. In addition to writing haiku and senryu he performs rhythmical poems as Enjambmental.


Andrzej Dembonczyk

Marie Derley

Born 1961 in Belgium
Living in Belgium

Marie Derley is a Belgian poet and painter, graduate in art history. She works in a glass tower in Brussels, and has recently published a volume of haikus: “En souriant” (Smiling in French), Ed. Renée Clairon. She appears regularly in many reviews, mostly in French, and 3 anthologies.


Charlotte DigregorioCharlotte Digregorio

Charlotte Digregorio authored seven books that are book club selections and adoptions as supplemental university texts. She was honored by Illinois’ Governor for her lifelong literary achievements. Her book, “Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing,” encourages writing as a healing exercise with essays/prose passages. It provides resources for publishing/promoting one’s poetry. Her classic is Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All. Her haiku collection is Shadows of Seasons. Writing 14 poetic forms, she’s won 56 awards, and was nominated for a Pushcart. She translates poetry from Romance Languages into English. Libraries, hospitals, corporate centers, galleries, and park districts feature her haiga show. She organizes national writers’ conferences; speaks at writers’ organizations/ libraries/chain bookstores; is a university writer-in-residence; teaches haiku in public schools; and judges national writers’ contests. Digregorio hosted a poetry program on public broadcasting, was a Haiku Society of America executive officer, and writes a poetry column for “Winnetka Living” magazine. She blogs about general writing, posting The Daily Haiku from global poets (

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Jan Dobb

Steve DolphySteve Dolphy

Born 1961, Southampton, United Kingdom
Present place of residence: Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Steve worked in business before becoming a clinical psychologist. Whilst living in Vietnam, 1997 to 2001, he studied Vietnamese at the Hanoi National University and started writing haiku. He has published two haiku collections: The Cry of the Duck Egg Seller Ram Publications, 2004 and A Compendium of Glimpses Kindle, 2015.


Anna Maria Domburg-SancristoforoAnna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo was born in 1948 in Genoa (Italy), but she lives in the Netherlands (The Hague), where she worked as a university lecturer in Italian language and culture at Leiden University.
She writes haiku, senryū, tanka both in Italian and English. Her work has been published in international magazines, blogs and (e-)journals.
Last year she received an honorable mention at the 73rd Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest.

Janice DopplerJanice Doppler

Born 1948 in USA
Living in Massachusetts, USA

Janice is a retired public school teacher and administrator. She writes haiku and haibun. She enjoys tai chi, bird watching, and bird carving.


Margaret Dornaus

Jerry Dreesen

Germain DroogenbroodtGermain Droogenbroodt

Born 1944 in Belgium
Lives in Spain
Germain Droogenbroodt, is a Belgian poet living in Spain, translator and publisher of international poetry. His poetry books are published in 28 countries. His philosophical TAO and ZEN-inspired poetry has been compared with Rabindranath Tagore. He received many international awards, nominated in 2017 for the Nobel Prize of Literature.
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Helene DucHélène Duc

Born 1982 in Chauny, France.
Living in Bichancourt, France.

Michael DudleyMichael Dudley

Michael Dudley was born in downtown Toronto and reared in Scarborough, Canada. For 35 years he lived and worked in rural Southwestern Ontario. He is the father of three adults and the author of numerous poetry volumes, including pilgrimage (Red Moon Press, 2017), a revised, updated, and expanded volume of new and selected haiku.



Roy DuffieldRoy Duffield

Country of birth: UK
Year of birth: 1988
Current place of residence: Barcelona, Spain
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Personal blog:

Roy is a man of few words. Said words can be read in Heliosparrow, Quadrant, Failed Haiku, The Crank, Mamba, postscript, Akitsu Quarterly, Silver Stork and The Journal of Wild Culture.


Nikola Đuretić