John McDonald

Living in Edinburgh, Scotland

Andy McLellan

Born 1970, Salisbury UK. Currently resident in Canterbury, UK

Andy McLellan is a haiku poet and Sōtō Zen novice priest living in Canterbury, UK. He spends a lot of time drinking tea and thinking deep thoughts like “Is it too soon for more tea?”. He has three children and a PhD in plant biology.


RDMcManesR.D. McManes

born 1953 - USA - currently resides in Topeka, Kansas.
R.D. McManes is the author of seven poetry books. He has had over 500 poems featured in numerous worldwide publications. Mr. McManes enjoys reading and writing haiku, senryu and free verse poems.


Mamta Madhavan

Maeda HiroshiMaeda Hiroshi (前田弘)

Born 1939 in Osaka, Japan

Moved to Hokkaido in 1943, and grew up there. In high school, he founded the haiku journal-group, Kaze [Wind], which later became Haguruma [Gears]. Studied haiku with Suzuki Ishio, and moved to Tokyo in 1963. He joined the Modern Haiku Association in 1982, becoming Executive Director [kanji], Chief of the Yearbook Department, and Chief of the Advertising Department of the MHA, in 2001. Became the official leader of the Haguruma journal-group in 2006. Later, became the chief editor of the Gendai Haiku Journal of the MHA. Won the 2010 “Second Prize,” 65th Modern Haiku Association Award. In the following year, won the “First Prize” of the 66th Modern Association Award.

Translations into English by Richard Gilbert & Ito Yuki (Gendaihaiku, 2014)

JayashreeJayashree Maniyil

Born 1971 in Bombay, India
Living in Melbourne, Australia

Tomislav MareticTomislav Maretić

Tomislav Maretić (1951) is a MD (a specialist for infectious diseaseses) from Zagreb city, Croatia. He has been writing haiku for almost forty years and his haiku have received several awards and prizes. He lives in Gornje Vrapče, a picturesque village near the Croatian capital city with his wife and four children.


Anna Maris

Born 1970 in Malmö, Sweden
Living in Övraby, Sweden

Svetlana Marisova

Born 1990 near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Lived in New Zealand from 2004
March 17, 1990 - September 7, 2011

Anna Mazurkiewicz

Born 1978 in Chelm, Poland
Living in Chelm, Poland

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Maria Chiara Miduri

Born 1981, Italy
Currently living in Turin

Maria Chiara Miduri is a cognitive and linguistic anthropologist (PhD), teacher and researcher. She writes haiku in English since 2016. She practice haiku as poetry as well as a philosophy of life in the light of Zen tradition.


Radka Mindova

Born 1961 in Bulgaria
Living in Sliven, Bulgaria
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Lori A Minor

Born 1992 in West Virginia, USA
Current location: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Lori A Minor is a feminist, mental health advocate, and body positive activist currently living in Norfolk, Virginia. She has received various awards and nominations, including shortlist for the 2017 Touchstone Award. Lori is the editor of #FemkuMag and Bleached Butterfly, as well as the author of two poetry chapbooks.


Matthew MoffettMatthew Moffett

Born in 1987 in Wyandotte, Michigan, USA
Living in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Matthew Moffett currently teaches Introduction to Academic Writing and Freshman Composition at Mid Michigan Community College, but hopes to someday teach a course devoted solely to haiku and related forms. He hopes you enjoy his poems!

Beverly Acuff Momoi

Living in Mountain View, California, U.S.A.

Morisu RanMorisu Ran (森須蘭)

Born 1961 in Tokyo, Japan

Graduated from Ferris Women’s Junior College (now Ferris Women’s University). She began writing haiku during her days at Ferris, and joined the MHA in 1993. Within the MHA, she worked as a committee member of the Youth Department, the Study Department, the Junior Study Department, and the Information Technology Department. Today, she works as a committee member of the Yearbook Department, and is the Executive Director of the Tokyo Chapter of the MHA. She is also a judge of the “ITO-EN Ôi Ocha New Haiku Contest.” She has led her journal-group Dionysian [Saien] since 2000. Her major haiku collections include, Only to See You [Kimi ni au tame] (2000), and The Sky Ship [Sorafune] (2010). She has also published educational books, such as Memorizing 100 Haiku to become a Master (2009).

Translations into English by Richard Gilbert & Ito Yuki (Gendaihaiku, 2014)


Tim MurphyTim Murphy

Born 1967 in Cork, Ireland
Living in Madrid, Spain
Bio: Tim Murphy has been writing haiku since 2017. His reviews of haiku collections appear regularly in the journal, Presence.


H. Gene Murtha

Born 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Lived in New Jersey, USA
19 October 1955 – 9 October 2015