Virginie Colline

Virginie Colline


off season
a ghost kite
chases a seagull

Mainichi Daily News, February 2012


the pink and the pulse
Ume Matsuri graven
on the palm of my hand

Asahi Haikuist Network, February, 2013


suspended time
the hour got tangled up
in the ceiling fan

Prune Juice #8, Spring 2012


a lizard baking
on the patio sundial
sol y sombra

Notes from the Gean 3:3, December 2011


grey clouds
the ruins of a castle
built in the air


silent fountain
the church gargoyles
give voice to the rain

Fri Haiku, Spring 2012


the cat under the bush
spying on a sparrow
a none-of-your-business glance

Frostwriting #12, 2012


tragic Rue Lepic
November walks down the street
slapping every face


Montmartre pow-wow
the painters' tribe
on the Place du Tertre

Diogen Magazine, 2012


a bucketful of stars
across the black tarpaulin
he gets sentimental


unfold the darkness
the stars are a palimpsest
from the night of time

The Bangalore Review, December 2013


the sun whispers
through the bamboo tree
komorebi, honey


she extends her silk wings
under the timid moon
flurry and butterfly


a mirage of a look
her eyes so close
so closed


obsidian dream
her orchid face
the last thing to fade

Indian Review, July 2014