Gabriel Sawicki

Born 1983 in Wroclaw, Poland
Living in Wroclaw, Poland


winter sun
cool tone of her
warm words
World Haiku Review, January 2015


with each anniversary
the other side of bed
getting colder
Prune Juice, July 2015


fog . . .
the world ends 
in the garden
World Haiku Review, June 2015 


country road
under the horse's hooves
wild apples
cattails, May 2015


cemetery gate
the smell of wild flowers
from the other side
Asahi, March 2015


red haired dancer
tangled in her curls 
the sunset light
Caribbean Kigo Kukai


monastery shadow
pilgrim and stray dog
sharing a meal
Shiki Kukai, December 2014 - 3rd place


the midwinter walk
my son is getting buried
in my footprints

The Mainichi, March 2010


mountain cabin
only you, me...
and the spiders

Asahi, May 2013


blue sky between clouds
a stick is all that's left
of my candy floss

The Mainichi, March 2014


vernal equinox
city lights stole
the starry sky

Asahi, March 2014


St. John’s night
with no wish to fulfil
lantern flies away

Asahi, September 2014


hut on the hill
where the end of my world
used to be

Daily Haiga, October 2014


summer rain
once again I read
the text on her T-shirt

A Hundred Gourds 3:4 September 2014


Independence Day
the first flight
of a swallow

Asahi, July 2014


boy in the puddle
splattering around
his own piece of sky

Caribbean Kigo Kukai, 1st place, June 2014


autumn again I mix the colors

A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014


leaf after leaf
into my garden

16th HIA Haiku Contest 2014, Honorable Mention