Jan Dobb

Jan Dobb


almost dawn
a heron fluffs the stillness
into itself

Commended, Katikati Contest (NZ) 2012


the yellowing wattles
lean a little

Highly commended, Katikati Contest (NZ) 2014


season’s end
the colours of rust
in a scrap yard

Commended, Polish International Haiku Competition, 2013


windswept sky
a collie on the hillside
shifting sheep

Commended, Sharpening the Green Pencil Contest, 2014


one lone cloud
a curl of duck-down
sails the lake

1st prize, Perth City Library Haiku Competition (Australia), 2014


carillon chimes
the lake’s stillness measured
in quarter hours

A Hundred Gourds 1:1 December 2011


opera in the park
Queen of the Night soars
with the fruit bats

A Hundred Gourds 1:4 September 2012


jutting rocks
the boom of a breaker
toppling upwards

A Hundred Gourds 2:4 2013


fast train north
a mob of tree trunks
dashes south

A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December 2013


grey day
from a ladle the colours
of vegetable soup

cattails, January 2015


the grasses burst into
firetail finches

cattails, January 2015


open blinds
the moon’s glow
behind closed lids

Chrysanthemum 12, October 2012


election day
children in the park
ride the seesaw

The Heron’s Nest XV:4 December 2013


high country
pairs of kangaroo ears
pin down the sky

The Heron’s Nest XVI:4 December 2014


wandering bee
the intermittent buzz
of a chainsaw

Kokako 16, April 2012


through a window
the colours of falling leaves

Kokako 17, September 2012


slow afternoon
dozing in the dapples
a tortoiseshell cat

Mainichi, September 24, 2012


winter day
white sun flies through
cockatoo wings

Notes from the Gean 2:2, September 2010


river’s edge
buildings a century old
anchor the town

Notes from the Gean 2:4, March 2011


rainstorm gone
the dripping stillness
of green air

Notes from the Gean 3:2, March 2012


grey evening
galahs in a gumtree
provide the pink

paper wasp 18:1, March 2012


happy birthday
the cat brings a mouse
without the gift wrap

paper wasp 18:2, June 2012


onshore wind . . .
in waves of wild grasses
a derelict boat

paper wasp 19:1, March 2013


long breath
a python flows from
its knot

Shamrock 21, March 2012


the yellow squares of grass
where summer was

Windfall : Australian Haiku 1, December 2012